Development and Testing

If you want to help with bug fixes, develop new features or tweak the implementation to your application’s needs, you can follow the steps in this section.

Building and Using Client From Sources

Follow the below steps to build and install Hazelcast Python client from its source:

  1. Clone the GitHub repository.

  2. Run python install to install the Python client.

If you are planning to contribute:

  1. Run pip install -r requirements-dev.txt to install development dependencies.

  2. Use black to reformat the code by running the black --config black.toml . command.

  3. Use mypy to check type annotations by running the mypy hazelcast command.

  4. Make sure that tests are passing by following the steps described in the Testing section.


In order to test Hazelcast Python client locally, you will need the following:

  • Java 8 or newer

  • Maven

Following commands starts the tests:


Test script automatically downloads hazelcast-remote-controller and Hazelcast. The script uses Maven to download those.